Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

If you were to stroll past the self-development section of any bookstore, you would notice a common thread. This section is flooded with books about finding happiness, positivity, wellbeing and mindfulness. Inspirational quotes on social media follow the same trend. Positive thinking philosophy has become an epidemic. Despite recent research revealing the unhealthy nature of avoiding negative... Continue Reading →

Tricks for Slowing Down Your Mind

Anxiety and bipolar mania can cause someone’s mind to ‘speed up’, leading to panicked activities and rushed decisions. It is important to learn how to shift gears, and take things down a notch. Below are some things you can do mindfully slow down your mind and reduce stress. Read a book and focus on every... Continue Reading →

Mental health: A closed door policy

AUSTRALIA HAS been in the spotlight for its failing human rights record for many years — it continues to deny the basic freedoms of minority groups, including asylum seekers and our indigenous population. What makes a society disengage with others that appear different from them? And how do we ensure that these people can safely... Continue Reading →

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