Round Up: 3 Inspiring TedX Talks from Neurodivergent/Mentally Ill Speakers

Welcome to our ‘Round Up’ series, where we ’round up’ a few pieces of the internet that are worth sharing. Today, we have found a few videos from neurodivergent/mentally ill TedX speakers about how their mental conditions shape their lives and identities. Enjoy!

1. ‘I have Tourette’s. Get over it.’ – Analise and Robyn Twemlow

Top quote: “I don’t have a problem with having Tourette’s – other people do.”

2. ‘I am Not a Monster: Schizophrenia’ – Cecilia McGough

Top quote: “I’m just someone who cannot turn off my nightmares, even when I’m awake.”

3. ‘Living with #OCD’ – Samantha Pena

Top quote: “Doctors have told me that I have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But I call it an Obsessive Compulsive Advantage.”

By Alaska Green.


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