Mental health: A closed door policy

AUSTRALIA HAS been in the spotlight for its failing human rights record for many years — it continues to deny the basic freedoms of minority groups, including asylum seekers and our indigenous population. What makes a society disengage with others that appear different from them? And how do we ensure that these people can safely... Continue Reading →

Round Up: 3 Inspiring TedX Talks from Neurodivergent/Mentally Ill Speakers

Welcome to our 'Round Up' series, where we 'round up' a few pieces of the internet that are worth sharing. Today, we have found a few videos from neurodivergent/mentally ill TedX speakers about how their mental conditions shape their lives and identities. Enjoy! 1. 'I have Tourette's. Get over it.' - Analise and Robyn Twemlow... Continue Reading →

‘Died by Suicide’ or ‘Committed Suicide’?

The words ‘committed suicide’ are pervasive in discussions about suicide, both in the media and personal conversations. Recently, social justice advocates have called for a significant change in language, stating that the words ‘died by suicide’ should be used instead of ‘committed suicide.’ Is this a justified attempt to change our attitudes towards suicide, or... Continue Reading →

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